Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Through the Suffering Our Lady is Here for Us

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East coast of the United States last week.  Looking back at the devastation I came upon this striking photo:

Breezy Point NY (AP Photo)
In Breezy Point NY a fire burned over 80 homes and buildings to the ground.  However, despite this blanket of destruction Our Lady's statue remains.  She is a reminder that no matter how much suffering we have endured Our Blessed Mother stands with her arms outstretched to hold us and console us as she did for her Son.

These homes that were destroyed were in a largely Catholic neighborhood made up of Irish-Americans, many of whom are firefighters and police officers.  After the hurricane brought destruction many walked in wet clothes and made their way from shelters to attend Church at St. Thomas More Parish.  Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who visited the parish after the storm, said to the people "God is never closer to us than when we suffer or struggle".

Even though many lost all their earthly possessions Marie Mahoney whose home was largely destroyed was quoted as saying "God was watching, he kept us safe".

Among the rubble of these homes there can be found a mother:  Our Blessed Mother.  She stands just as she is depicted in the statue.  She is gathering all her children close to her especially those who are in pain and suffering.  She is taking her mantle and spreading it over her children to keep them warm in her love.  She is taking those trembling hands and leading them to her Son.  For it is in her Son that the weary and burdened will find rest.

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