Tuesday, January 21, 2020

In the Arms of Our Lord

On Epiphany, the Children's Rosary at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Connecticut USA was asked to help with a living Nativity at the Parish. The Rector, Fr. Sullivan, arranged to have animals present. He emphasized all would be done in a reverent way. Members of the Children's Rosary dressed up to re-create the scene in Bethlehem. 

Fr. Sullivan for half of the Mass held a newborn lamb in his arms. I found myself watching both the lamb and Fr. Sullivan closely. 

The lamb surprisingly was very docile in his arms and never seemed to struggle or want to get away. He sometimes would close his eyes and rest against the chest of the priest.
Other times the baby lamb would raise his head and his ears would swing forward or relax back. In turn, there were times when Fr. Sullivan would close his eyes and hug the little lamb tight. 

It seemed like the cover image on our Children's Rosary book with Our Lord holding a lamb was coming to life before us. The priest is Christ's representative on earth. To see the priest holding the lamb with such care and love helped to bring to life that relationship that we are called to have with Our Lord. The lamb as I watched did not work to support his own weight. His legs hung gently down. Even when incense was brought and swung before the little lamb he did not seem to worry or become agitated. He clearly trusted the arms that held him. These moments and images that I witnessed during the Mass on Epiphany have helped my disposition in prayer. Seeing this tiny helpless lamb so safe and cared for by the priest is a reminder of the simplicity and trust we are to have as we approach Our Lord. 

A special thank you to all the children who helped with the living Nativity at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on Epiphany Sunday. We also thank Fr. Sullivan for inviting the Children's Rosary to be a part of this Mass.

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