Thursday, July 4, 2019

Visit to St. Stephen School in Tsavo, Kenya

On June 7th we traveled to St. Stephen school in Tsavo Kenya. There is no running water, no electricity and no roads in this location. This school was recently opened along the border of Tsavo National park in Kenya. The school is attended by children of the Maasai tribe. Their families exist living with animals such as goats and cows they heard. They live in peace with the wild animals only killing when they are in danger. The children that attend St. Stephen are young in the age range of 4 to 5 years old. There is a Children's Rosary at the school. Although the remote location we very much wanted to visit the children. We were only able to reach this location because the weather conditions were ideal. Thank you God. It had rained recently which kept the dust to a minimum. We were told when it is very dry the dust can make travel impossible. If it had been raining reaching this location would also not have been possible. Many children met us at the school accompanied by their parents. There was an increase activity of elephants so travel for the children alone was not advised. One person had been killed in the prior week from an elephant attack.
The Maasai people welcomed us warmly. We shared rosaries, miraculous medals, pencils and green scapulars that had been donated to the Children's Rosary. They surprised us with necklaces and bracelets they had made. 

We were invited to visit their homes. 

This was a wonderful experience. Homes were made of cow dung and mud. The entrance is a hairpin turn to prevent wild animals from entering.

Water is scarce in this region with a long dry season. Often they must walk miles to find water and when the river is dry they must dig along the bottom of the dry river bed to find water for the animals. Water is carried by hand back to their homes. Water is critical to their life so finding it often takes up a great amount of their day.
After visiting with some of the families, we found Kostin surrounded by kids. He has a real gift for working with young children. We made wonderful friends among the Maasai tribe. We are so happy they are part of the Children's Rosary.

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