Sunday, February 18, 2018

Recumbent Snowman

This weekend we had a snow storm and my husband took the kids out for some sledding. Over the years we have featured many snowmen that have resulted from the creativity of kids. Usually these snowmen are was different. The kids had built a snowman which they took for a sled ride. My husband called him a "recumbent snowman".

Recently, I have been coming to understand that there is great grace that comes through just spending time as a family. Prayer has an important place but there must also be times when the family comes together to simply have fun. Last Monday my husband took a day off from work. The sole purpose was just for us to spend time as a family. He called it: Family Day. We spent the morning at a place where you can paint pottery. We worked on two projects. Alina and I worked on a platter together with the logo of the Children's Rosary. We plan to use it on the upcoming 7 year anniversary of the Children's Rosary. We have a breakfast planned at  our parish to celebrate the day and we hope to put food on it for the children. Together we also worked on a plate for Passover. In the afternoon we went bowling. Given my disability with my joints I could not bowl but I was happy to watch and cheer on the rest of the family. Later in the week, I happened to be looking at the calendar that was given out at Church. On February 12th it said Family Day  (British Columbia, Canada). That was the exact day we had our Family Day.  In seeing this on the calendar it was a confirmation of all that Our Lord and Our Lady seemed to be showing us. There is great grace available through just spending time together as a family.

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