Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Time is Running Out"

Today at Mass in the second reading Paul states, "...time is running out" (1 Cor 7:29). This simple phrase caught hold of my heart. Recently time has been something that has been in my thoughts and prayers. In the fall our family met a couple who was beginning their retirement. The husband shared with me an image that he felt captured what he was experiencing. He described a bathtub which is full of water and the drain is open. In the beginning, the water height does not seem to change much but when there is only an inch or two left all of a sudden the water seems to speed up and quickly all is gone down the drain. This he said is what it feels like when you are at retirement age. There is only an inch or two left in the tub and the water is going down FAST. 

I could appreciate this although I have yet to reach the age of retirement. It seems that the more time we spend in prayer the more our heart is made away of how precious is our time on earth. We are travelers and our time here is but short in terms of eternity. We are as flowers that have a short time to bloom and then are gone. Life when we are young seems so long. As we look at our children, we wish to impart this appreciation of time. Yet how can one do this unless you experience it yourself? It has been my humble experience that when we put ourselves under the care of Our Blessed Mother She helps a soul albeit young understand the mysteries of time. She gives a soul an appreciation of time and a desire to see it used well.

One thing that I bring to Our Lady in prayer is the request that when I stand before the Lord I will not see all that I could have accomplished here on earth. Instead, I ask her to help me make use of every moment of time to do the Will of God whatever that may be. In the Gospel today when the Apostles were called to be fishers of men they did not delay. They dropped their nets and followed. Indeed there is no time to lose!

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