Thursday, January 4, 2018

"Bomb Cyclone" Hits East Coast of the United States

For veterans of snow storms in the North East of the United States this week we have been hearing terms unfamiliar to us. My husband had to ask, "what is a Snow Bomb?" To which he was told it is a hurricane in a snow storm. The official meteorologic term they are using is  "Bomb Cyclone" which was the first I have heard of such things. Apparently it is a mid-latitude cyclone that intensifies rapidly. ... one expert was quoted as saying, "they just kind of explode". It has the effect of instantly appearing and getting very strong. So within the snow storm there can be some explosive events. They are predicting it could be one of the most intense bomb cyclones in the east coast in decades.  But whatever you call it the storm is here. High wind gusts and lots of snow are falling. 

Asher, our ten year old, was sent out for some documentation. See photos. The top picture is of our street. We should also mention it is bitterly cold, too. Asher showed me a very red finger that resulted after being exposed to the elements just long enough to capture some images. 

We also have a few pictures taken from inside our home looking out.  One of the effects of blustery winds is snow within our windows. We have old windows but I still never understood how snow gets inside a storm window. But such are some mysteries that for the moment remain unsolved.

If you are wondering what Kostin is doing? He is outside, too. He has not divulged what he is going to create...not sure if he knows yet.  The kids were able to make snow forts for protection with each hiding in their cavern of snow only popping up to hurl a snow ball at the other fort.

Snow storms of this magnitude are amazing to me. They bring a bustling society to a halt. Families stay home and try to stay warm. 

It also brings more time for quiet prayer. Keeping you all in prayer.
God bless you.

Your Friend in Christ,

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Blythe,
    Thank you so much for posting this amazing article about the Bomb Cyclone! Out here in Washington, we had a little dusting, like a sweet sifting of powdered sugar, on Christmas Eve. My sister was visiting from Los Angeles, and she was even happier than we were to see it snowing on the night of our dear Savior's birth. I also loved treading about the boys building the snow cross. I could hear Angels singing!
    Blythe, I have retired from teaching. The Children's Rosary at St. Patrick Parish has ended from lack of interest. Sometimes my little mind tries to tell my little heart that it is my fault, and I am a failure. At those times, I pray for clarity, and focus on my Mother's hand, which never lets go of mine. I have been to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, living in a tiny rock hermitage, and now, back in my little cottage in Lakewood, I am held in a place of Waiting. It is my work to breathe. And Wait.
    I pray for you, for your health and the welfare of your family. I marvel at the Light coming into this beautiful world through Our Lady's great Love for her Son. Your open mind and your open heart are allowing our Mother to accomplish this Pleasure of Our Creator. I think of you with great affection, Blythe, and wish every Grace and Mercy for you and your family in this new year. With love, Dianne Marie Teresa Whelan Falk.