Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Numbers are Increasing!

There is some beautiful news to report.  Fr. Jude Ssali shares that a new Children's Rosary group has formed in one of his 13 sub parishes(outstations) in Uganda.  He shares that already there are 75 children signed up to participate in the group. The first meeting was held on Sunday March 26th 2017. The group has decided to meet each Sunday at 11:15 AM local time. Fr. Jude shares that there are still more children enrolling! He hopes by the end of the year to have all 13 outposts associated with Our Lady of Fatima Parish each with their own Children's Rosary prayer group.

With such large numbers of children participating we quickly sent more Rosaries so that each child could have one.  Fr. Jude was able to travel to the post office and receive the package yesterday on our Anniversary. He is pictured below with the package.  We are so grateful to Our Lord for allowing us to be able to reach such beautiful children and also witness their incredible faith.  Thank you to those who keep sending us handmade Rosaries.  This is where they go...into the hands of children. Thank you to all who support these efforts through prayers and financial support.  Each piece comes together to allow more and more children to be joined together in prayer.  

Please remember to visit our new website www.childrensrosary.org to see when Children's Rosary groups are meeting. The children invite you to unify prayers with them when they meet.  There is a button called  "join in prayer" which allows you to add your light to our "View from Heaven" map and also see the children's blue flashing light on the map when groups are meeting.

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