Friday, August 21, 2015

Hear From the Children

Recently we received some feedback from the children who are members of the Children's Rosary in Pakistan.  These children meet daily as a Children's Rosary prayer group.  These children pray in the Church but also have felt called to go and pray with the poor and sick families each day.  The children share what this has meant to them.  

I am youngest in my siblings, since I have joined Rosary Group my life is changed I get up early in the morning and start my day with prayer. My family wonders that how it has happened... I was a lazy girl and not good at prayers but now they see different good changes in me... Babu Chand invited me to join Rosary Group and gave me a Rosary to keep with me all the time... Now I feel that God wants something to be done by my hands... and I am trying to give my best for that,,,....

When I take part in the prayer which is for a sick person,.... I feel that words are dropping spontaneously from my mouth. I am very happy to join Rosary Group and I daily wait for the time when we get together and recite Rosary....

Earlier I was finding it hard because I did not know the mysteries of Rosary but with the passage of time I learned them by heart and now I am happy and go for reciting Rosary door to door daily and attend the prayer for the sick people.....

It is beautiful to see how participating in this prayer group has helped these children so much and in different ways for the good.  

The Children's Rosary is spreading in a grassroots way from region to region and country to country.  Please help us reach your parish.

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