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Highlights from the Global Rosary Relay for Priests

Children's Rosary in Lagos, Nigeria
The Children's Rosary was invited to participate in this years Global Rosary Relay for Priests.  This was held on June 12th 2015 which was the World Day of Prayer for Priests and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Beginning in Siberia every 15 or 30 minutes a Rosary was led at different Shrines for the sanctification of priests. Eighty-four shrines in 46 countries participated. Pope Francis even took a time slot and was praying from the Vatican.  He conveyed an Apostolic blessing to all who participated in the Global Rosary Relay for Priests. 

Beautiful addition of drums to songs
sung by the children after the Rosary
We are very excited to share some of the wonderful pictures and stories from our Children's Rosary groups that participated in this years Relay. In addition to many of our members unifying prayers with the Shrines at home we also had a number of Children's Rosary groups that met formally in their Churches to pray for the sanctification of priests.  

One of our groups in Lagos, Nigeria met at 1PM ET.  The children led a Children's Rosary and then concluded with beautiful songs.  Some of the children even played drums to accompany the music. 

Children's Rosary in Cheshire
Connecticut USA
A Children's Rosary was held at St. Thomas Becket Church in Cheshire Connecticut USA.  Members of the Children's Rosary from St. Bridget Church in Cheshire CT also attended. The Children made a poster of priests that they know and even the Archbishop of there Archdiocese: Archbishop Blair which they placed before them during prayer. Another highlight of the Rosary was the addition of music.  Many of the children in this group are musical and they enjoy playing instruments between decades as they sing Ave Maria.   

The Children's Rosary at St. Bernard's Church in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania USA held a Children's Rosary to participate with the Global Rosary.  They prayed at 1:45 PM ET unifying with a Shrine in Slovakia.  The group leader shared that all of the regular children who participate in the Children's Rosary were able to attend as well as some adults.  A young priest from their parish was able to attend and read the Apostolic Blessing given by Pope Francis to all who participated in the Global Rosary Relay.  

Children's Rosary group in Pontiac, Illinois USA
The Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Pontiac Illinois held a Children's Rosary at 9AM CT.  There were 10 children present and several adults.  At the end of the Children's Rosary they sang the theme song for the Children's Rosary prayer group movement: Rosary Children.

A Children's Rosary was held at St. Paul's Church in Cranston Rhode Island.  The group leader shared the beautiful roses that were brought to the Rosary.  Each child placed them before a statue of Our Blessed Mother as is the custom for our Children's Rosary groups.  The group leader shared that she also had an icon present of both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We also had a Children's Rosary held at another Parish named after St. Paul.  This group is from Fenton, Missouri USA.  They met at 7:30 PM ET and unified with the Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert.

A Children's Rosary was held at St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother Church in Avondale, Pennsylvania USA.  Members of the Children's Rosary from St. Patrick's Church in Kennett Square also attended.  We have a picture of those gathered before the start of the Children's Rosary.   
Children's Rosary group in
Avondale, Pennsylvania USA

We are very grateful to Marion Mulhall, the founder of Worldpriests, for her invitation to the Children's Rosary to participate this year.  The children were humbled by this invitation.  The response from our members around the world has been so beautiful.  The children very much wanted to come together to pray for our priests on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  The little ones also found it very special to know Pope Francis was participating and they were so grateful to receive the gift of his Apostolic Blessing.

Marion has invited the Children's Rosary to be a part of the Global Rosary Relay going forward and we very much look forward to continuing this beautiful tradition.  Please mark your calendars next year the Global Rosary Relay for Priests will be held on June 3rd 2016.

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