Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anniversary Novena of Masses

On April 10th, 2015 the Children’s Rosary will turn four.  This year has brought many beautiful blessing.  After speaking to members of the Children's Rosary over the last few months many agree the best word to describe this year is purification.  Such a process is not easy but one that brings a new clarity; an appreciation of that which is important in our lives.  A drawing away from the distractions of the world and a desire for things above.  With so many children meeting in prayer there is a beautiful layering that occurs.  As if a soft blanket of love and protection is gently covering each member of the Children's Rosary.  One blanket covered by another. It can be no surprise that such prayer brings a transformation.  

One Children's Rosary group leader recently shared that he had not spoken to his brother in 10 years. Recently he felt drawn to pray a 54 Day Rosary novena with his mother for his brother.  Several years ago he remarked that he would never have considered praying for his brother.  Yet now he has just completed one 54 Day Rosary Novena and has started on a second.  His mom is thrilled to be joining him in prayer.  Such wonderful healing taking place in the heart.  Forgiveness growing from a small seed to a large tree that reaches those that had seemed too far away to touch.  This group leader shared that years ago such prayers seemed impossible.  But now there is a new desire to pray for those that seemed the hardest to pray for in our lives.  Yes Our Lord is doing wonderful things through these Children's Rosary prayer groups.  

As our year comes to a close there is a desire to give Our Blessed Mother a gift.  An arm full of Masses for the fulfillment of her plans for the Children's Rosary.  We wish to have her guide each of us and the Children's Rosary as a whole all for the Glory of God. 

In anticipation of the Anniversary, we would like to offer two consecutive Novenas of Masses. The first novena will begin on April 5th (Easter Sunday) and extend until April 13th. These will be offered for the fulfillment of Our Lady’s plan’s for the Children’s Rosary. In turn from April 14th through April 22nd Masses will be offered for the intention of thanksgiving. If anyone would like to sponsor a Mass during the 18 days please write to us at

Last year there were so many beautiful blessings that came as a result of this novena of Masses.  There was such a wonderful outpouring of support from our members we had enough sponsored Masses to have two Masses said daily for the 18 days. To participate in the Novena of Masses please let us know which days you would like to sponsor and if you would like us to arrange the Masses or if you would like to arrange the Masses through your Parish.  If you would like us to arrange the Masses we will be requesting them through the Capuchin Missions.  The donation for each Mass is $10.00.

These 18 days are so special. Last year as each day passed during the Novena there was a savoring of all the opportunity that lay before us.  The areas of Our Lady's plans that had stood idle now had the fuel to move forward.  The excitement to see where the plan would lead as Our Blessed Mother's plans are so much more beautiful than we can fully grasp.  So often we wonder how Our Lord could use us.  Yet the more prayers and Masses we give the more we see all that we can do for Our Lord and the small yet important role each of us plays in the full plan.  

Thank you all for being a part of the Children's Rosary.  Thank you for your sacrifices.  These are hopeful times.  

Thank you all and God Bless.

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