Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Simple Children Asking Our Loving God for Great Things"

Children's Rosary in Corvallis, Oregon

Recently I received a wonderful little note from our Children's Rosary group leader at St. Mary's Church in Corvallis, Oregon.  The group leader is a father and began the group on November 2nd of 2013.  Since beginning the group, only his two children have attended.  They meet each Saturday at 9AM PT in a little library within the Church.  The children kneel before a large picture of Our Lady.  Despite the fact that their group has remained small, just the two of them, the children have remained faithful to their meetings.  

This past weekend the children had a wonderful surprise another little girl joined them.  They were so excited and the family shared that they would like to attend each week.  Such a gift for the two sweet children and their father who have always hoped more children would come.  The father spoke so beautifully in his note of the grace he has come to experience through the Children's Rosary. I asked his permission to share his note:

"It feels like God's grace is like a flood ready to pour out and He gives us the little latch of simple, confident prayer to open the floodgates."

"It is beautiful that God wants to pour out so much grace upon this world, but He respects our free will and He also wants us to share and collaborate in His work of redemption, so He does not force His grace upon the world.  Rather He asks us for simple things like prayer and sacrifice as the little keys that unlock the gates and allow the flood of grace to pour out into so many souls.  Once we see that God has given us these little keys, we feel bolder and stronger to ask bold and great things from God because He wants them.  We are not trying to twist His arm to help us rather we are confidently asking our loving Father for all the good things that He wants to give to us, knowing that all He wants for us is to ask with trust and be patient and persevering to allow God to act in His time.  This is the beauty of the Children's Rosary is that it is simple children asking our loving Father for great things that His heart so wants to give to us."

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