Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pope Francis Urges Families to Pray the Rosary

This past weekend Pope Francis sent out several messages to the world via his twitter account.  He began Friday with the following message “It would be a good idea, during the month of May, for families to say the Rosary together.  Prayer strengthens family life.”  On Saturday he went on to write “Let us ask Our Lady to teach us how to live out our faith in our daily lives and to make more room for the Lord.”

These beautiful words from Our Holy Father underscore the importance of the Rosary and Our Lady in strengthening our families.  In a time when so many families are sick and broken our Holy Father points to a medicine to heal our brokenness.  He points to the mother who will wipe away our tears and tend our wounds.  Under her care and protection she will safely lead us to rest and fullness in her Son.

In this month of May, a time dedicated to Our Mother Mary, let us find special moments each day to come together as a family and pray.  Might we find those Rosary beads tucked in a drawer and ask Our Heavenly Mother to help us in prayer.  We are her children and when we ask her to help us begin prayer in our families she rushes to our aid and provides when we ourselves do not see the way. 

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