Saturday, April 24, 2021

Four Barrels of Rosaries Leave for Uganda!

On April 11th, the final day of our 18 day Anniversary Novena of Masses, four barrels were picked up in Connecticut. These contained 34,134 handmade rosaries and 400 Child Consecration books. The destination is Uganda. These will be received in Kampala by Fr. Jude Ssali and shared with five dioceses in Uganda where the Children's Rosary continues to grow and flourish. The barrels will have a long trip by shipping container, and they have an estimated arrival date in late August or early September.

The rosaries will help the growing number of Children's Rosary prayer groups in parishes and schools in Uganda. Below is a photo sent to us this month of the Children's Rosary at St. Aloysius Primary School in Masaka Diocese. This group meets daily to pray the Rosary. The picture was sent to us this month. 

Currently, we have individuals who have made donations to cover the shipping costs for the first two barrels; however, we still are in need of donations to cover the shipping costs for the remaining two barrels.

The cost to purchase and ship one barrel along with taxes comes to $450.
We are also in need of donations to cover $1,400 in the printing costs to replenish the Consecration books that were included. Four hundred books were included in the barrels and each book can be used by a Children's Rosary prayer group or used to lead a school Consecration. In addition, we also included eighty Children's Rosary books in the barrels, which cost us $120. Each one of these is a seed for a new Children's Rosary group. 

All of the rosaries included in the barrel were handmade. So much love is contained in these barrels. We are so grateful to all who have sent us handmade rosaries. For those who want to help, please do not purchase rosaries and send them. We have a steady supply of handmade rosaries arriving almost each day. The place where we are in need of urgent help is in covering the shipping and printing costs.

Ways to Help

In total, we are in need of  $2,420. We hope many will be a part of this glorious gift to Our Lady. With the month of May approaching, many may want to give a gift to Our Heavenly Mother. Helping to spread devotion to the Rosary among children is a perfect way to honor Mary!

In the United States, we also celebrate Mother's Day on May 9th. If individuals would like to give a gift in honor of their mother, we are happy to send a handwritten card sharing that a gift has been given to the Children's Rosary in honor of their mother.

Donations can be made electronically HERE.
Donations can also be mailed to: 
Children's Rosary
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA

If you would like to give a donation in honor of your mother, please send us an email. Write to Blythe at, and, on the subject heading, write: Donation for Mother's Day. In this way we can ensure the letter is sent in time for Mother's Day. 

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