Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"I will be 80 in January and feel lost without rosary beads to work with"

We received a large box of rosaries. Inside was a note. The women explained, "I've been making them (rosaries) since '07. I've had some help through the years, but I'm alone at it again the last 5 years. I have a real devotion to Our Blessed Mother. I will be 80 in January and feel lost without rosary beads to work with. Another order will go out in the next days. I'll send more if you want them."

We were amazed at how many rosaries were made by one women. The box included 467 rosaries. My daughter who makes rosaries was astonished at the number. When we were Africa this summer we saw the importance each rosary had on the child that received it. The trajectory of their life was changed for the good. To look at these rosaries was to see 467 children. This kind women may never meet the children who will hold and pray with these rosaries but she faithfully keeps the beads moving through her fingers in love for Our Blessed Mother. The gift she gives is two-fold: it is a rosary but it is also the gift of love. 

We are so grateful to all those who so generously send us handmade rosaries and also send funds to help us ship the rosaries to children who are waiting for them.
To learn more how you can help click HERE.

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