Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pilgrimage to the National Marian Shrine Mariamabad

We received some pictures today from the Children's Rosary in Pakistan. Some members of the Children's Rosary made a pilgrimage to the National Shrine Mariamabad in Pakistan.

In reading more about Mariamabad I found out that this is a site of annual pilgrimage for the September 8th Feast of the Birth of Mary. Mariamabad came into existence in 1892. The land of approximately 150 acres was purchased by a Capuchin Bishop for Christians to live and work. The name Mariamabad means City of Mary in the language of Urdu. The tradition of making this pilgrimage dates back to 1949. This is one of the oldest Catholic settlements in Pakistan. 
Approximately 1 million pilgrims visit the site each year. There is a prominent Statue of Mary and a grotto. We are including some pictures that were sent to us today from the pilgrimage visit. 

Wishing You All a Happy Feast of the Nativity of Mary

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