Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's Keep Our Blessed Mother's Hands Full of Little Sacrifices to Present to Her Son

These last several weeks there has been beautiful news of individuals around the world trying to begin Children's Rosary groups in such places as Zimbabwe, Peru and Belarus.  Here in the United States a Children's Rosary group leader has written of her hope to begin a second Children's Rosary group in a parish named after St. John Paul II.  In addition there have been others writing of their efforts to continue established groups and draw more children to attend.  Indeed many are in need of prayers.  There are hopes in the hearts of so many.  One can imagine that Our Blessed Mother has many hopes and plans in her heart as well.  She looks at all her children big and small and sees the beauty in each of us.  She also sees the possibilities.  

In prayer thinking about all those in the Children's Rosary who have reached out and the many that have not but also struggle, there was a desire to find little sacrifices to lift up to Our Blessed Mother.  In this way she could keep presenting them with love to her Son.  Through these sacrifices all that Our Blessed Mother has planned for the Children's Rosary and each of us could continue to unfold according to the Will of God.   Among the little sufferings and renunciations a thought also came.  The sacrifice of the Mass is one of the most powerful sacrifices one can offer for an intention.  With others recently offering up Masses for the Children's Rosary, maybe an extra novena of Masses for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary would be especially timely.    

May I share with you that a Novena for the fulfillment of Our Blessed Mother's plans for the Children's Rosary was begun on November 17th and will conclude on November 25th.  Each day a Mass has been offered by the Capuchin Missions.

Please know that all the members of the Children's Rosary are included in this novena of Masses as the Children's Rosary is composed of people.  As Our Blessed Mother's plans for the Children's Rosary unfold her plans for all of us unfold as well.  

I humbly share this little offering of Masses and efforts to keep Our Lady's hands full of sacrifices.  Let's keep trying to find everything we can, Masses, Rosaries, even the tiniest little suffering and offer it up through the hands of Our Blessed Mother to Our Lord.  Let us try to do this continuously. God will surely reward these efforts.

Thank you all.

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