Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rebuilding Our Church

Children's Rosary at Noor Pur Church in Pakistan
This week we received these pictures of our newest Children's Rosary group in Pakistan. This group has formed at the Church in Noor Pur Pakistan. They held their first meeting on December 20th 2015.  

This new Children's Rosary group has formed in Noor Pur town which has approximately 90 families total.  Those in the town had heard about the Children's Rosary and asked our group leader in Pakistan to come and help begin a group in their town, too.  

What has been extremely beautiful to see is that in the towns where new Children's Rosary groups are forming there has been physical cleaning and restoration of the Churches.  These Churches were often rarely used because priests were only able to visit one or two times a year.  However once a new Children's Rosary group formed there was regular meetings for prayer in the Churches so new attention was turned to cleaning and improving the Church structures.  In many cases the children are helping sweep and clean.  Sometimes they are even painting.  

Several of the Churches have even had new crucifixes made where there were none.  Indeed the physical rebuilding of the Churches has mirrored the renewal of prayer led by the children.  Often the children hold their Children's Rosary in the Church but then go out and pray with the poor and sick families in the towns in Pakistan.  They are welcomed and often their visits initiate a return to prayer of the Rosary daily within these families.  The Children's Rosary group then checks back on the families and those that they have prayed with only to find they have continued their prayers and have found great comfort.  

Indeed whole towns are being transformed through the prayer and humility of these children and their enthusiasm.  This is all happening peacefully within Pakistan.  This latest Children's Rosary group brings our total to 8 groups within Pakistan.  They join our Children's Rosary groups in at least 13 countries.  Indeed these are hopeful times. The children in their innocence are showing the way with rosaries in hand.  

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