Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lion and the Lamb

Today the Christmas decorations came down, this being the last day of Christmas.  Our youngest son took the ornaments off the tree and laid them out for his older sister to carefully pack away.  It was at this time that, Baby, our cat decided to lay down on the ornaments.  Looking over at Baby snuggled up with the dove it seemed an unlikely scene.  For Baby is a master hunter.  His mother's name was actually Hunter, and Baby has continued in this tradition.  The first thought that came to mind seeing Baby and the dove was the beautiful Christmas image of the lion and the lamb.  As it would turn out the ornament tossed next to Baby was a glass version of the lion and the lamb with the tag still hanging from the lion with the phrase" lion and the lamb".  So it seemed indeed that this connection was divinely ordained.  The kids took great pleasure at watching Baby resting with his unlikely friend.  All the pictures shown here were taken by a child (and member of the Children's Rosary!)

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