Monday, October 26, 2015

Annual Convention of the Children in Pakistan

At the beginning of October an Annual Convention of the Children was held in Fracis-abad, Gujranwala Pakistan.  The Bishop of Lahore attended along with many children and parents from the Province.  The Children's Rosary was invited to participate.  Each day a different Children's Rosary group attended.  

The Children's Rosary groups prepared special dances and songs to perform at the event as well as prayers. The children traveled to this Convention with their families.  It gave the children great joy to be a part of such a special event and also help to share their experiences of being in a Children's Rosary prayer group

The girls wearing white and blue dresses were dancing to a hymn of Mother Mary.  

The girls wearing white and red presented a tableau on a hymn of Mother Mary before starting the Mass.

The children watching very much enjoyed seeing the different Children's Rosary groups.  Since this event there have been calls coming from different parts of the region with interest in beginning Children's Rosary prayer groups.  It has been beautiful and inspiring to see how the Children's Rosary continues to spread in Pakistan.  There is such a thirst among the children for this special time in prayer.  Many of the groups in Pakistan meet daily to pray the Rosary and often go out to pray with the poor and sick as well as meeting within the Church.

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