Monday, May 19, 2014

Priests for Life

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Fr. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, about the Children's Rosary.  He spent a great deal of time speaking with Asher, one of the members of the Children's Rosary.  Fr. Pavone was very excited to hear of the many Children's Rosary prayer groups that now exist across the globe and wanted to share this message.

"Children praying the Rosary give great encouragement to the Pro-life Movement!  They are closer in age to the children we are are all trying to protect, and they remind us of their preciousness. Therefore I encourage all to participate in the Children's Rosary Prayer Group Movement!" -Fr. Frank Pavone

One of the prayer intentions that each Children's Rosary group lifts up during their prayers is for the protection of the unborn.  It is very important for our children to pray for these little ones and by their presence celebrate life.

Early in the day we had several opportunities to speak with Fr. Pavone and he truly showed such kindness and humor with little Asher who very much enjoyed speaking to Fr. Pavone on various topics.
Candid moments with Fr. Pavone
Wonderful Discussion

Fr. Pavone was so kind as to offer to pray over Asher and I before parting. As some of you many have read Asher's health took a down turn later in the day with a terrible stomach flu.  These blessings we received certainly helped us on our return bus trip. 

For more information about forming a Children's Rosary group in your parish click here.

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