Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ascension Thursday

Today we celebrate Our Lord's Ascension into Heaven which is also the Second Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.  Some areas have transferred the celebration of this Solemnity to this coming Sunday. However in certain areas, such as the Archdiocese where I live, Hartford Connecticut USA, they have retained the Solemnity to be celebrated today.  

Something I have pondered often is the beautiful fruit of the second Glorious Mystery which is hope. 

In the past I have said, that if I could chose one word to describe the Children's Rosary it would be hope, so this feast day is particularly special.  The settling on this single word to describe the Children's Rosary has come after many experiences.  One beautiful one I described through the meeting of a new Children's Rosary group in a school in Louisiana.  

For my own part on a daily basis I have experienced how headlines of killing and corruption erode ones hope.  Yet when I immerse myself in the Children's Rosary both through prayer and working with all the group leaders and children, hope wells up in the soul.  It is nothing conscious it just comes and flows up through ones heart and out.  

Hope is a grace that comes through prayer and in a special way through prayer of the Rosary.  Yet being a part of bringing children to prayer and to their heavenly Mother and her Son also brings a hope and a peace that there is a bright future ahead.  Some from a distance might think this is misguided optimism for so much darkness stands before us but such is the way a child would look at the future and are we not all called to approach Our Lord with such simplicity of Spirit.  Indeed there is a bright future ahead if we unify together in prayer and trust with an open heart as the little ones do.  Such is a simple way, but one which our Mother will help us, if we ask her through prayer.

Today we are blessed to have two Children's Rosary groups meeting.  If you are able to join the children in prayer this would be wonderful.  The children always pray for those unifying prayers with them.
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lago, Nigeria 1PM ET
The Children's Rosary at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Brentwood, California will meet at 6:30 PM ET in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

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