Thursday, May 22, 2014

Introducing our New Children's Rosary Bumper Sticker

We are excited to introduce our new bumper sticker.  This is just another effort to help increase awareness of the Children's Rosary and help give children the opportunity to develop a deeper prayer life with their peers and family.

As you can see it is not an overwhelming sticker and has a simple message: Help Bring Our Children to Prayer.  To include the message limited the size of the lettering but it can easily be read walking by the car.  It is also visible if one were directly behind the car at a light.  Please let us know if you would like to have a bumper sticker sent to you and the quantities desired.  

Recommended donation is:
1 Bumper sticker plus large envelope and shipping $6.00
Each additional bumper sticker $4.00

If you are interested in bumper stickers please contact us at:  
Please provide your name and address and how many you would like.

Donations for the bumper stickers can be made online with our donate button present on the right margin or made out to Children's Rosary Inc and mailed to PO Box 271743 West Hartford CT 06127

What continues to impress me is how members of the  Children's Rosary take every little resource available and use it to the maximum extent to get the word out about this Apostolate.  Pictures I have sent to new groups later I have seen have been used for posters in their parish.  

Thank you all so much for your tireless efforts to help bring children to prayer and spread this prayer movement to every corner of the world.

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