Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"It is more blessed to give than to receive"

Recently we received word from our Children's Rosary group leader in Rombo, Kenya.  He reported that his group is  "on fire" and growing in number.  In addition to this first group at St. Charles Lwanga Mission a second Children's Rosary group has formed at a more remote outpost of St. Mathias Mulumba. Their first meeting was held on Sunday May 1st. Fifty children attended.  They are shown above with two women who are helping to coordinate this new Children's Rosary group.  The children hold their Children's Rosary outside as there is no Church close to them.  They have decided to meet each Sunday at 2PM.  This is the same time the Children's Rosary at St. Charles Lwanga Mission have chosen to meet so in a beautiful way they are unified in prayer even though they are a great distance apart.  

As we have sent two packages to Br. Cleophus, the first containing 20 Rosaries and our more recent one with 220 Rosaries along with Children's Rosary books and a picture of Our Lady there is a growing need for more Rosaries.  Br. Cleophus explained that there are approximately 300 children and some do not have Rosaries.  Taking this request to prayer an idea came.  As the group meeting in the outpost are not able to meet in a Church and do not have even a picture of Our Lady to place before them maybe we could share something.  The children had rescued a beautiful statue of the Baby Jesus.  We still had the statue.  If we sent another package we could fill the box with both the statue and many more Rosaries. The kids began to count Rosaries and began the task of carefully wrapping Baby Jesus for a long trip.  Everything was put into the box with care.  In total 254 Rosaries cushioned the Baby Jesus in the box. 

Sending a box such as this to a group creates excitement.  There is the walk to the post office and the process of mailing overseas.  There is a joy that comes in knowing children far away will open this box and see all that was packed by small hands on the other side of the world.  The words from today's reading at Mass came to mind, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  (Acts 20:35) 

The children feel this everyday as we experience the joy of sharing that which has been shared with us.  The rosaries that are packed are almost all handmade.  Many people have put love into making them for the children. Others are able to contribute toward the postage.  With so much demand growing there is a great need for help in this area.  Even small donations can help a great deal.  Our Lord and Our Lady can bless every gift and bring fruits from it. For more information on how to help support these efforts click HERE.

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