Sunday, May 29, 2016

Congratulations to All the Members of the Children's Rosary Who Received Their First Communion this Month

This month many members of the Children's Rosary received their First Holy Communion.  In a special way today, on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we thank Our Lord for such a gift.  It is our hope that through the children's prayer of the Rosary their love of the Eucharist will only intensify.

St. Jean Marie Vianney, patron of priests and orphans, urged souls to a frequent reception of the Sacraments.  He was known to say,All those who receive them are not saints, but the saints are always taken from the ranks of those who receive them frequently.”  St. Jean Marie Vianney strongly encouraged the frequent reception of the Eucharist and likewise stressed the importance of an earnest preparation. 

In one of St. Jean Vianney’s catechisms on the Eucharist he shared, “My children, every creature in the universe requires food that it may live; for this purpose God has caused the trees and plants to grow.  It is a well-appointed table to which all the animals come for the food that suits them. But the soul must also be fed.  Where, then, is its food? ... My children, when God resolved to provide food for our soul so as to sustain her on the pilgrimage of life, He examined the whole of creation, but found nothing that was worthy of her.  So He looked at Himself and resolved to give Himself.

A special thank you to Matthew pictured above for sharing his picture with us. Matthew is a member of the Children’s Rosary from St. Mary’s Church in Corvallis, Oregon USA.  He received his first Communion on May 4th 2016. 

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