Friday, May 6, 2016

Beauty All Around Us

Spring is a time of beauty.  Everywhere one turns there are new buds on trees, baby animals and birds.  These little duckling my daughter took a picture of are my favorite.  It is hard to look around and not see some beauty.  

Last week as my daughter and I walked to Mass we noticed some beautiful tulips.  They were a pale pink and just opening.  We commented on their beauty and we both agreed it would be good to get a picture of them.  We were on our way to Church and thought is better not to stop and rather take the picture when we came back on our way home.  Yet on the return trip, we found them very much changed.  The petals were not just opening but rather opened.  Although still pretty they were not the fresh site we had marveled at on the way to Mass. Alina still took the picture but we were aware that the beauty Our Lord showed us was a gift in time.  When we passed by and returned later it was not the same.  Rather it was a different gift.  Spring is full of so much beauty but it is changing very quickly. Seeds are peeking out of the soil one day and the next are standing strong with two leaves.   Such an appreciation of all these tiny glimpses of beauty given in such abundance brings a desire to continue to thank Our Lord. 

Last Friday the Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Parish in Pontiac, Illinois USA had a Mass said in thanksgiving.  May we humbly thank them for giving this very special gift to Our Lord on behalf of the Children's Rosary.  

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