Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fifteen Children's Rosary Groups to Meet on May 28th in Pakistan

Fifteen Children's Rosary groups will be coming together to hold a large Ceremony and Crowning of Mary on May 28th 2016.  They will be meeting at St. Joseph Church in the town of Butanpura, Pakistan.  One of the Children's Rosary groups attending is our group in Qila Sujan Singh pictured above. With temperatures reaching 49 degrees Celsius(120F) this week, they have chosen to meet in the evening due to the heat.  The ceremony will begin at 5PM local time(8AM ET) with a crowning of Mary.  Priests from the area will be attending.  The children will also hold a Rosary and lead songs and perform dances in honor of Our Lady. The evening will conclude at 8PM with a ceremony of opening of the Door of Mercy.  

Please consider unifying prayers with the children on May 28th.  They will be praying in a special way for all those unifying prayers with them.  They will also be praying for all the members of the Children's Rosary.

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