Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On the Feast of the Visitation Our Lady Begins a Journey to Africa

Today in honor of the Feast of the Visitation the children helped to send Our Blessed Mother on a journey.  Her destination: a remote region of Kenya near the border with Tanzania.  There the children in some 23 different outposts have asked to begin Children's Rosary groups.  As Christianity is new to this region the area is served by the St. Charles Lwanga Mission.  A seminarian named Br. Cleophus has been traveling to these different outposts.  With two Children's Rosary groups actively meeting each Sunday word has been spreading quickly to the other outposts and they in turn have asked to form their own Children's Rosary groups. 

The new groups meeting in the outposts typically come together to pray the Rosary outside as there are no Churches in this region yet.  It has been our hope to send what we can to help these new groups.  Recently we received the statue shown above of Our Blessed Mother and baby Jesus.  We also received a donation to help send Our Lady on this trip.  Her journey began today in Connecticut USA and will take her across the Atlantic Ocean through Europe and then south through Africa.

We wanted to share some of the pictures taken today as Our Lady began her journey in the arms of two boys who are members of the Children's Rosary.  They carried her to our local post office.  As trips to the post office are frequent we have become good friends with Pat who works at the post office desk.  She has a wonderful smile and is always excited to see where each package is going.

We currently have two more donated statues we would like to send but the shipping costs for each will cost $100.00 .  We are always so grateful to sponsors who can help Our Lady make such a trip to meet little ones far off who want to come together to pray the Rosary. Here is a LINK for more information on how to help.

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