Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little Hands Rescue Jesus and Mary

Over the past week we have been sharing some of our experiences at this years Catholic Marketing Network Conference.  The final day we had a surprise discovery just as the conference was wrapping up.  

The kids were beginning to gather our materials at the Children's Rosary booth.  Looking over to one of the other booths I noticed a large statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe laying under a table.  I went over to have a closer look.  Our Lady was broken and pieces lay scattered around.  There was no way to stand her upright.  I quickly asked if she was intended for the trash and if so could we take her.  The man running that booth was not there but the man running the booth adjacent to that one was there.  Both vendors had traveled from Mexico to bring religious materials.  The owner of this statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe had a sad story. Over 75% of the statues that he had shipped from his store in Mexico had been smashed in transit.  There was a suspicion that the customs officials may have thought there were drugs inside.  

The children and I were so sad to hear this.  Our hearts went out to the man running the booth.   When he returned he was more than happy to give the children all the remaining broken statues.  He was very kind to the children and even gave them a special Rosary with Our Lady of Guadalupe and an unbroken Crucifix.  We were overwhelmed by his kindness and humbly shared with him some of Spanish Children's Rosary materials.  He graciously accepted them and told us he would share them in his home country of Mexico.    

The children excitedly set to work.  Some of the pieces of the broken statues had been discarded and were missing but the children gathered everything they could find.  It was beautiful to see the care they took with Our Lady.  There were several other precious treasurers.  We also found the head of the Child Jesus.  His body was missing. My son Kostin immediately picked up the Child Jesus and announced that he would take care of him.  He said he would wrap him up with a blanket so no one would know he was broken.  Asher also was helping to gather two baby Jesus statues that were missing fingers and two broken angels.  

Repair of Our Lady
The little hands of the children quickly had gathered everything together and now it was time to pack it carefully up to make the trip home.  Our Lady of Guadalupe was so magnificent even despite the damage.  The kids were so excited to bring the angels, Jesus and Mary home and fix them up.   

Upon arriving home, Kostin immediately took the Child Jesus' head up to his room and returned with Him all wrapped up.  He was clutching him to his chest and holding him tight to his heart.  He was so protective of the child.  It was true no one could tell the child Jesus was missing his body.  The hands of a child had wrapped him up safe and with love.  There was no body to repair but there was a feeling Our Lord was comforted.  

The next project was the home repair of Mary, the two Baby Jesus statues and the Angels.  Everything was set out and the process of piecing all the fragments together began. Slowly Our Lady began to come together piece by piece.  Her base was re-attached and she was once again able to stand.  One piece however was never found.  

Yet her beauty is so great that no one seemed to notice the missing piece beneath her feet.  The little baby Jesus statues were repaired with the two fingers extended as a sign of peace restored.  
It is hard to imagine Our Lady with her uncertain future broken under a table
had the children not come to her rescue
The two angels both got their wings again.  One angel had such extensive damage he cannot kneel but his wings are in place.  The second angel was completely restored. There was so much joy in the hearts of the children.  They loved helping Mary, Jesus and the Angels.  They put the pieces back together and those that couldn't be put back were lovingly held and cared for.  In so many ways I could see how the children in their innocence and love are able to comfort Our Blessed Mother and Jesus.  Even the angels must take delight in the care of the children.  Our world in some ways is very harsh with drugs and violence leaving many broken.  And yet little ones have a way of bringing back joy and peace.  They have a healing way about them.  Maybe it is their simplicity and hope. Indeed it would seem the little hands of children will play an important role in mending that which is broken.
The Angel got his wings
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  1. What a beautiful story of love and restoration- of a heartbreaking situation given a happy ending.

    Thank you for all you and your children did at the CMN to spread the ministry of the Children's Rosary. I loved your handmade map!