Friday, December 20, 2013

Will You Join These Two Children in Prayer

Tomorrow morning at 9AM Pacific time these two little children will hold a Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Corvallis, Oregon USA.  They are but two children yet imagine what Our Heavenly Mother would say about the value of their prayers.  Would she make a special trip with the angels to pray beside them and help them with all that worries them.  Yes, I believe she will come to them and listen to their prayers and all the longings of their hearts.  These two little children also pray for all the members of the Children's Rosay and all who join them in prayer either at the Church or from their homes.  My own children and I always try to unify prayers with the different Children's Rosary groups when they meet.  We feel a wonderful connection being able to pray together even from a distance.

Sometimes these little Children's Rosary groups struggle as we all struggle.  Group leaders wonder if they can lead a group as we all find moments of questioning and doubt (yes I have had those moments too).  Yet this is the time when we must not give up.  Such times of trial are when the Lord bends down so close and listens attentively to every whisper of our heart.  We are thirsting to bring Him souls and this pleases Him greatly. A particular passage from the Diary of St. Faustina comes to mind

[Once] when I saw how much my confessor [probably Father Sopocko] was to suffer because of this work which God was going to carry out through him, fear seized me for the moment, and I said to the Lord, "Jesus, this is Your affair, so why are You acting this way toward him? It seems to me that You are making difficulties for him while at the same time ordering him to act."Write that by day and by night My gaze is fixed upon him, and I permit these adversities in order to increase his merit. I do not reward for good results but for the patience and hardship undergone for My sake.(Diary of St. Faustina 86)

As we walk with Our Lord and through daily struggles prayerfully work to bring our precious children to Him, may we hold firm in our resolve and remain faithful to Him. Amen.

Thank you all dear friends.  It is through such a wonderful network of prayers that we all serve as a net to help each other.  When one is struggling another is finding encouragement and so we all make are way along this path to Our Heavenly Father. 

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