Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Surprise

Handmade Christmas Card by Sarah and Matthew
two members of the Children's Rosary from
Corvallis, Oregon USA.
Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas!!

There is a wonderful Christmas surprise which I wanted to share with you.  As many of you may not be aware, this website for the Children's Rosary was begun in February 2012 and was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.
On the bottom of the page the site records how many people visit the site.  This morning something wonderful happened the register hit 100,000!  This is not the first time that such a gift has been given.  Last spring on Good Friday between the hours of noon and 3PM the register hit 40,000.  As it had taken over a year to reach that number there was no way to plan for such a thing.  

Reflecting on the 100,000 number given on Christmas there is a deep feeling of gratitude that comes for Our Lord for bringing so many people to the Children's Rosary.  Many have shared that by chance they found themselves on our website or by chance heard about this movement from someone else.  All these chance events and today one could say hitting 100,000 during the early hours of Christmas was another chance event.  Yet within my heart this number speaks to the fact that Our Lord is watching every detail.  Nothing goes without His notice.  As we toil and work each day we may not feel His watchful eye or His gentle hand but all along He is there.  Each person brought to us a gift and one given purposefully.  So many of you have worked so hard this year bringing prayers to Our Lord.  Challenges have arisen and yet you have persisted.  Look at this 100,000 and know that this is a gift to everyone who helped this Children's Rosary prayer movement or said a prayer that it would spread to just one more child.  The gift Our Lord is giving us is us bound together in prayer of the Rosary.  Led by his Mother and brought to his very crib.  This gift of so many wonderful children now praying the Rosary for our tired world and so many individuals guarding these children with their prayers.  It is a blessed and wonderful thing to contemplate.  The thought that now at least 40 Children's Rosary groups exist across the globe and almost daily Our Lady can find children coming together to give her a bouquet of prayers to give to her son Jesus.  We began with a simple prayer some time ago that the Children's Rosary would be the extended hands of Our Blessed Mother and her Son and gather a great many souls especially young people for the Lord.  Today I renew this prayer for all of us.

Thank you all for your friendship and your prayers.  May Our Lord Bless you and your family abundantly. Amen.

Your Grateful Friend in Christ,

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