Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Child's Nativity Made of Snow

Yesterday we had a beautiful blanket of snow cover our region. This morning as we walked home from Church our oldest son had an idea. This was taken from a post done earlier today:
The priest in his homily spoke of seeing a cave in Bethlehem on a recent trip to Israel. One similar possibly to the one Our Lord was born in. He gave us a vivid mental picture of this cave. Well Kostin was thinking about the cave and proclaimed during the walk that he was going to make a cave out of snow and the people inside out of snow, too. Not sure how that will work but stay tuned for pictures. 
Well here is the update:
The picture above was the finished product. We also include a picture at the bottom of the artist. We share these little experiences to celebrate the faith and creativity of children and also give glory to God. 

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