Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day in Pakistan

This week we received these pictures from several of our Children's Rosary groups in Pakistan. The group leader shared that this is Mother's Day with the Children's Rosary and their Mothers.  

One can see there are cards for the Mother's and even presents given. 

I always think that one of the best presents to get on Mother's day is to receive prayers from one's children. So when Mother's Day falls on a day when we hold our Children's Rosary I am always very excited. Looking at the pictures that were sent I began to reflect over the last few days and the challenges that have come in the role as mother. I do not think my experiences are unique. But something very special happened on Friday evening. I was trying to discuss with one of our kids some behavior that needed improvement. I could see that although the wrong doing was clear their did not seem to be a clear motivation to change. As we were still together something came into my heart.  It seemed flooded with from God. The same seemed to be happening to my child. Tears came into Kostin's eyes and I went to him and hugged him and told him that it is not too late. There is time to change.  He said he wanted to change and a tear fell from his face on my arm.  We talked and as I left Kostin, I said to him that our conversation could only happen through grace. I asked him if he saw this. He said yes. I said this is why we say our Rosaries. Through prayer one finds peace and forgiveness.  Prayer is so important in the lives of children and also the family.

I know I am a weak person. I struggle as a mother in so many ways.  God and Our Blessed Mother help to make up for so much. So it brings me great joy to see these children meeting in their Children's Rosary prayer groups and their mothers there with them. 
There is a quote from St. John Paul II that I like:

"We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures. We are the sum of our Father's love for us." John Paul II

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