Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Children from Four Families I Found Reciting the Rosary!"

Recently we received a note from Fr. Jude the Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Uganda. Fr. Jude has begun several Children's Rosary groups: in the school he oversees, his home parish where he grew up and in the Church where he is the Pastor. In April he sent us this picture and note:

"Children from four families I found reciting the rosary! I gave them rosaries and I encouraged them to join the Children's Rosary group nearby. They willingly accepted."

When I received this picture, I thought what it must have been like to be walking outside and come upon these children praying.  Might it have been very much like stumbling upon the children of Fatima praying the Rosary together as they shepherded their sheep?  

Fr. Jude has been working hard to spread the Children's Rosary in his region. He speaks of fruits coming from it. What a beautiful gift for him to have come upon this scene of the children praying. Fr. Jude also speaks of giving the children rosaries. The timing of this meeting was also providential as he had just received a box of rosaries from us so he had rosaries to share with the children. 

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