Saturday, December 24, 2016

What are you waiting for?

This Advent members of the Children's Rosary from around the world have been drawing attention to the meaning of the season by putting signs up reading: Patiently Waiting.  

We have been asked by curious people who see the sign, "What are you waiting for?"  The answer comes tonight on Christmas eve.  The patiently waiting signs will come down and new signs will go up that read:

Christ is Born
We will be keeping these "Christ is Born" signs in our windows throughout the Christmas season which begins on December 25th.  It has been beautiful to see the different signs children have made throughout Advent reading "patiently waiting". One of the boys clearly spent a long time on his sign (see the picture to the right).  Such effort surely will bring a smile to Our Lord.

Tonight don't forget to take your signs down and have the new ones ready.  

Thank you all and may you have a blessed Christmas.

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