Monday, December 12, 2016

Supporting the Prayer Lives of Our Children when Their Faith is Tested

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  

Yesterday we held our Children's Rosary meeting at St. Thomas the Apostle Church. We have been meeting each month for over 5 years. As time has gone by we are witnessing many beautiful things occurring. I would like to share one of these stories. Recently one of our members who used to attend several years ago resumed coming again.  She is older now and just today turned 15 today on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Last month I had some time to talk to her before we began to pray. She just began high school and mentioned feeling uncomfortable at school when she wants to pray before tests.  She said she actually likes to pray at different times throughout the day. But the kids in her class don't seem to understand and she feels very uncomfortable. She began to ask her mom to bring her again to the Children's Rosary.  It seemed from my humble perspective, that there was a thirst in her heart to be around other children who pray. She was very happy to lead a decade and place roses before Our Lady. She also took special effort to kneel all the way up during the Rosary. She was happy to make the extra effort and did not think the time was silly but rather special.  

Having the perspective that time allows, I could see the fruits of those precious early meetings of the Children's Rosary when she was younger. The comfort of having other children who pray was something that made an impression on her young heart. Now as her faith is being tested, she finds she wants to return to a place where she can once again be around other children that pray. Indeed to see a child with a prayer life is beautiful but to keep this strong our children need the support and knowledge that they are not the only children who pray. I thank all those who run Children's Rosary prayer groups in their parishes.  This is making a large impact on the children growing up today.

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*Don't forget to join the children in prayer. The children pray for those unifying prayers with them. See our new View from Heaven Map and click on the join in prayer prayer button to add your light to the night sky map.

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