Monday, December 28, 2015

Counting Our Blessings

Today during the homily at Mass the priest told us to count our blessings and if we have a hard time finding any to call him as he is good at spotting them.  Indeed, Christmas is a beautiful time to thank Our Lord. Over the next few days as we approach the New Year, I would like to hightlight some events that happened this year with the Children's Rosary that we have yet to share. Each one is a beautiful blessing. 

One blessing came from Bridgeport, Connecticut USA.  In September 2014 a member of the Children's Rosary and I, met Sr. Tremblay of the Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood.  She was handing out food to those who were in need at the back of the convent.  We shared with her the Chidlren's Rosary and also gave her Rosaries.  She promised us that she would start a Children's Rosary with the children from the inner city of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Her goal was to in a special way invite the inner city children that face so many challenges.  Sr. Tremblay mentioned that she would be meeting with her group each Sunday at 2:30 PM.  During the 2015 winter we spoke and she shared that the boiler had broken in the Church where they were meeting so they had to stop meeting for a short time.  The children were heart broken and came to her asking that she not send them home even though it was cold in the Church.   The children so loved the time they spent coming together in prayer. 

Sr. Tremblay receiving donated Rosaries from
the Children's Rosary
Months past and I had not heard from Sr. Tremblay until one of our group leaders from Cheshire, Connecticut was able to stop by and visit Sr. Tremblay.  She had wonderful news.  Not only were the children meeting each Sunday afternoon but they were meeting each Saturday afternoon, too.  She said so many blessings were coming from holding the Children's Rosary she had not considered stopping even despite some of the obstacles along the way.

What glorious news to receive.The picture above was taken in October 2015 when Ken visited Sr. Tremblay and some of the young people that meet for the Children's Rosary each week.

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