Friday, December 2, 2016

A Christmas Wish

Dear Friends,
Just over a week ago I received a note from our contact Tran in Vietnam. He relayed a request from one of the Children's Rosary groups. They asked for a statue of the Child Jesus. Tran shares, "The children are looking forward to it, the children have asked you that."  A few days later two pictures came showing the little faces of the children behind the request. These children hold a sign which states:

We are Children's Rosary at Bac Hoa orphanage. For Christmas we would like a statue of the Child Jesus. Can you help us?

The children that are part of this Children's Rosary live in an orphanage for disabled children. One can see the bunk beds where they sleep behind them. They meet each evening from 7PM-8PM to pray the Rosary in the chapel that is part of the orphanage. They pray for all the members of the Children's Rosary and those that help the Children's Rosary as one of their intentions. To think of this, these sweet angels are praying for all of us.  Seeing their humble request I knew I could not wait in writing.  As shipping takes approximately 10 days to get to Vietnam, it is still possible to have a Child Jesus statue there for Christmas.  Shipping to Vietnam is expensive especially for a statue so we hope some will feel moved to help with a donation.

Some may remember Tran and the sacrifice the children made from this orphanage to share the Rosaries we sent them plus their own food of noodles and biscuits with a leper community Tran was visiting on their behalf. With such generous hearts full of prayer it is no surprise that their only request for Christmas is Jesus.  For my own part I am almost in tears thinking of them. 

I am including both pictures I received from the group as the second picture has a few more children visible in it then the top picture.  Each little one is so precious.
If you would like to help, here is a Link to the Children's Rosary Donation Page.

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