Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Loss of a Child

We received news this weekend that one of the children who is part of our Children's Rosary group in Rombo, Kenya died. 

This past Sunday the Children's Rosary group in Rombo traveled to the boy's home to hold their Children's Rosary (see photo above).  Several of the other Children's Rosary group leaders from the area also attended and the Pastor.  Br. Cleophus shared that the family was greatly comforted by the children coming to pray with them. The boy who passed away was just 11 years old and died of lung failure.  His sister is present in the photo praying with the other children.

Seeing this sight of the children coming together to support each other in such times of pain and struggle one sees how important such support is for children.  Children like adults suffer illness, pain and loss.  They too need support and prayers from their friends. 

The sad news continued this weekend for the Children's Rosary.  One of our Children' s Rosary group leaders, Shiny, lost her daughter tragically Sunday.  Through an accident her daughter was run over accidentally by a fire department vehicle responding to a call. She was just 19 years old.  

We ask that you keep these two young people in your prayers and their families.  Our Lord told us to take up our cross and follow Him. 

Yet when we are surrounded by love, support and prayers we can find comfort in our suffering. These families will need our prayers. It is never easy when one loses a child. In a special way Our Blessed Mother knows such pain and we ask her to come and provide solace and comfort to the mothers and fathers of these children along with their families.

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