Saturday, October 15, 2016

Praying for the Intercession of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity for Members of the Children's Rosary

Sunday October 16th 2016 Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity will be canonized by Pope Francis.  Yesterday we received a note from one of our Children's Rosary group leaders in Vietnam, Tran.  He has a first class relic of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity. He shared that yesterday upon hearing about the upcoming canonization he lit two candles before the relic and prayed "for all the children of the Children' s Rosary groups worldwide". 

Today another note comes from another Children's Rosary group leader who likewise also has a relic of Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity. Holding the relic she prayed to Bl. Elizabeth, 
"may she intercede for the Children's Rosary".

What beautiful gifts to be remembered in prayer by so many.  May I humbly thank the two group leaders that wrote and also the many who pray for the Children's Rosary and the members daily.  We are all on a journey and with the help of each other and the Mercy of God may we all reach our true home in Heaven.

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity died on November 9th 1906. Her last word were:
 It seems to me that, in Heaven, my mission will be to draw up souls, helping them to self-denial, clinging to God through a simple and be-loving impulse, maintaining them in a great silence within themselves, the way of enabling God to impress them, to convert them in Him."  
 (Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity)

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