Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saint John Paul II Pray For Us

Dear Friends,
This week we have been in San Antonio, Texas USA.  My husband has had a work related trip which occurs every other year.  With my joint disability, I need his help each day so that meant I was also going to San Antonio, too.  A great joy was our youngest son Asher also came along to help me open doors and leave the hotel during the day.  We have had a most blessed week visiting the beautiful historic Churches that exist in San Antonio.  We have also used this time to pray for all of you.  One of the Churches we have been able to frequent each day is San Fernando Cathedral. This Cathedral was founded in 1731 and is the oldest Cathedral Sanctuary in the United States. 

There is a statue of St. John Paul II in the back of the Church with a first class relic.  St. John Paul II visited this Cathedral on September 13th 1987.  

As this Thursday, October 22nd, we will celebrate the feast of St. John Paul II it has been very special to pray each day in a church with his relic. Today Asher and I went before the relic and while touching it we prayed in a special way for all members of the Children's Rosary and all your families.  We prayed that St. John Paul II would intercede for the Children's Rosary and all our families to help lead us in holiness.  We asked for St. John Paul II to remain close to the Children's Rosary and help us.  There was also another statue of a Saint next to Saint John Paul II. It was a statue of Saint Toribio Romo, a Mexican martyr. St. John Paul II canonized St. Romo in 2000.  St. Romo was a priest with a deep spiritual life and a devotion to catechesis. A first class relic was also present beneath the statue of St. Romo.  Touching the relic we also prayed that he would intercede and help the members of the Children's Rosary.  Asher also very much wanted to light a candle for all of you.  

After praying before these relics we purchased a candle to light for all the members of the Children's Rosary and their families.  Asher carefully lit the candle and placed it before the ornate gold tabernacle and a large crucifix.  Asher and I again prayed for you all and your families.  We are told the candle will burn before the altar for approximately 1 week.  We asked Our Lord to see this candle as a small gift from the Children's Rosary showing our love for Him.

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