Thursday, May 21, 2015

"With These Beads We are Building a World of Peace and Love"

This is one of the phrases in our Children's Rosary theme song: Rosary Children.  Indeed it so beautifully describes how members of the Children's Rosary around the world are helping to build a new world- one full of peace and love.  They are not doing it forcefully but rather gently through the prayer of the Rosary.  Yet to use the word gentle does not mean that their efforts are any less affective.
To see pictures of children from around the world praying one begins to see the beauty that lays before us.  The following line in the song Rosary Children goes on to say: 
"In the heart of Mary joy is all we carry".  

Indeed children bring joy. From the tiniest little one looking up at you to your own child kneeling in prayer.  A joy comes from seeing children.  They are authentic.  Even Pope Francis describes in his general audience on March 18th 2015, "children smile spontaneously and cry spontaneously. It always depends on the heart."
As we approach Pentecost news seems to be coming from all around the world.  New Children's Rosary groups sprouting  in all corners of the globe.  Children's Rosary materials are being translated into more and more languages so no child is excluded.  Last night news comes that work is underway to complete a braille translation of our Children's Rosary book and already there is a blind women in need of these materials.  She would like to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group in her parish.

Whether we have physical sight or not there is an appreciation for the beauty that bringing our children together in prayer creates.  To speak last night with this lovely women who felt so strongly of the importance of bringing our children together in prayer in this way.  She has never seen the pictures of the children kneeling in prayer as she is blind but in her heart she speaks of the beauty.  She did not see her inability to see as a barrier to beginning a group, instead she spoke of all she could do and the excitement to reach out to her pastor and share news of the Children's Rosary.   

More and more people are reaching out from towns and cities in distant places.  
Universally there is a thirst for the joy of children. Their is an appreciation of how important these prayer groups are in the lives of the children and the Church Universal.    To have children kneeling in prayer draws down a river of grace that flows not only into the hearts of the children but also continues on into their families, parishes, and towns.  As more children are finding this support in their prayer lives and growing in the love of Our Lord more and more rivers are created.  They continue until they find other rivers and the current becomes stronger.  This river that is now moving swiftly carries the voices of children praying and is creating a ripple of hope and joy moving outward.  To see our future, the children, coming together in prayer in all these sometimes tiny little Children's Rosary prayer groups one begins to see the springtime ahead of us.  
Thank you all and God Bless.

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