Thursday, May 14, 2015


"May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope that belongs to His call"(EPH 1:18)

This was from the second reading today on the Feast of the Ascension.  Some areas of the world transfer the celebration of this Feast to Sunday but here in th Archdiocese of Hartford USA we celebrated it today. 

Many times in prayerful reflection I have thought if I could use only one word to describe the Children's Rosary what would it be.  Repeatedly the same answer comes: Hope.  Indeed to see children coming together in prayer with a simplicity of heart and a tender innocence one begins to see beauty and the many possibilities that lay before us.  Pope Francis recently in his March 18th 2015 address spoke of the beautiful way children come to Our Lord.  "They bring their way of seeing reality, with a trusting and pure gaze.  Furthermore, children -in their interior simplicity- bring with them the capacity to receive and give tenderness". Pope Francis goes on to share, "God has no difficulty making Himself understood by children, and children have no difficulty in understanding God".  

Yes, to see little ones listening "to His call" and coming together in prayer of the Rosary it is hard to hold back the feeling of hope.  In many ways the Children's Rosary flies in the face of all the violence one sees in our world.  To see little ones kneeling and praying with their trusting open hearts it is hard to not think that Our Lord and Our Heavenly Mother are smiling upon us.

Yes today on the Feast of the Ascension may we celebrate Hope and celebrate all we have been given.  As the lyrics of the Children's Rosary theme song "Rosary Children" go: 
Jesus waits for those who pray; 
Every day He calls your name 
Listen to His voice! 
There's no time left to lose; 
You can choose to love right now 
Listen to His voice!

For those still feeling a bit down I encourage you to watch the children singing "Rosary Children".

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