Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holy Spirit Radio Features Song: "Rosary Children"

Members of the Children's Rosary that recorded the song:
"Rosary Children"
The Children's Rosary new theme song "Rosary Children" was featured today on the show: Songs of the Spirit.  The show airs the second Tuesday of the Month at 9:30 AM ET on Holy Spirit Radio. The station broadcasts both in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area as well as in the Chester County of Pennsylvania USA.  We are very honored to have the Children's Rosary theme song featured on the program today.  We are also very grateful to Kathy Gasson, host of Songs of the Spirit, for her help spreading the Children's Rosary.  

Broadcasts are archived and can be heard on ones computer.  The date of airing is 10-14-2014.  The portion about the Children's Rosary can be heard at time mark 11:55. To listen to the program and hear the song Rosary Children sung by the children click HERE.

If you would like to hear the song Rosary Children on your local radio station please request it.  We are sharing the song with Radio stations around the world.  We also are extending an invitation to radio stations to air the Children's Rosary.  These prayers of the children in a special way touch hearts. Please help us by reaching out to your local radio stations with requests to hear the children leading the Rosary.  Recently a mom shared that on the way to drop her daughter off at College the family listened to the children leading the Rosary 6 times in a row in the car.  The mom remarked that hearing the voices of the children praying never gets old.  Indeed there is something very special about small children praying and it is our hope that many people will find blessings and a deepening of prayer through praying along with the children. Radio stations interested in airing our songs or the Rosary led by the children please see link for contact information HERE.   

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