Saturday, October 25, 2014

Children's Rosary Tag Sale

Over the past few months many wonderful doors have opened for the Children's Rosary with groups forming all around the world.  We are also in the midst of creating some wonderful resources for the groups with new Children's Rosary CDs with original music. We are also working hard on a series of Children's Rosary videos so new groups can see how a Children's Rosary prayer group is run and individuals can pray along with them.  The videos will be in English and also Spanish. The financial strain on the group has been incredible but we have trusted with each step that Our Lord would help to provide and show us a way.  One of the beautiful lessons that suffering and a physical disability have shown me is that one should always focus on what you can do and not what you can't.  This week as we were trying to find the funds to meet the financial demands of the Children's Rosary an idea came: a Children's Rosary Tag Sale!  It is wonderful how Our Blessed Mother can help us see that we have much more to give then we thought.

Our first customer was a dad and his little son
A tag sale is simply a time when a person can bring household items out in their yard and offer them for sale.  I had never had a tag sale in the past as I was convinced we did not have anything anyone would want.  Routinely I have heard of individuals who drive around on a Saturday morning looking for tag sales to find a treasure.  I have always felt funny that people would come by our house looking for treasure and well... be disappointed.  However,  this week my desire to gather even a small amount of funds to help the Children's Rosary overcame my hesitation.  I began to get excited as did the kids.  We began by going through clothes, books and toys.  Preparations got pretty intense by Friday night with our 10 year old son raking outside until well after dark to make a nice place to set out the items.  Alina our 14 year old daughter was in charge of wiping everything down.  Our younger son Asher who is 7 was in charge of helping with gathering and piling all children's books.  It was incredible to see how excited the children became.  Before sunrise everyone was up and working.  Asher and Kostin brought out our picnic table to set items out on.  

We were very blessed as the weather was with us.  After several rainy days today although it was pretty cold in the morning the sun came out and by noon it was very pleasant.  Our very first customer was a father and his little son about 2 years old.  Kostin was so excited showing him his old Elmo book.  It was so beautiful to see the children running the sale.  Asher was practicing his counting to create change for folks.  Even my husband who was a little nervous about holding a tag sale felt is was well worth it and a big success.  Our sale was small and often folks would pull over take a quick look at what we had and drive away.  A serious tag sale shopper showed up and looking at what we had said: "is this it?  This is the smallest tag sale I have ever seen."  This actually made me very happy to hear this as I could feel the Little Way of St. Therese in this whole project.  We had very humble aspirations and had no idea if anyone would want anything.  Indeed our sale was small and missing the exciting treasures.  Yet it was Our Lord's work as we were trying to further His Kingdom by helping the Children's Rosary.  We felt silly for sure many times but more and more we felt joy.  
Alina setting out clothes for the sale

I hope many of you might consider such a tag sale.  Many are finding times financially challenging right now so it is hard to give.  Yet through prayer Our Lord shows us how much we have despite such hard times.  If anyone is able to donate we would be so very appreciative.  There is a donate button on the side column of this website.  Donations can also be made out to Children's Rosary Inc and mailed to:
Children's Rosary 
PO Box 271743 
West Hartford CT 06127 USA

Thank you all and God Bless!

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