Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Children's Rosary at St. Mary the Immaculate Conception Church

Wonderful news came last night.  An email from a mom and her eleven year old daughter that they would be beginning a Children's Rosary at St. Mary the Immaculate Conception Parish today.  Their first meeting at 11 AM ET time this morning.  They will begin by Consecrating their group to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the group is under the protection and guidance of Christ and His Mother. If you are able to join the children in prayer they will be praying in a special way for all those unifying prayers with them.

Thank you so much to all who help to spread the Children's Rosary.  These prayers both from the children and adults are so needed.  Whether you are actively telling people about the Children's Rosary or attending a Children's Rosary you are creating a ripple of love and peace.  Joining Our Lord in prayer is an act of love and the fruits of this will spill out.  When someone loves someone they make time for them so by making time for prayer we are showing Our Lord that we love Him above all the many earthly things that struggle to distract us.

I love to imagine that each time we bring a bouquet of prayers to Our Lady from one meeting of a Children's Rosary prayer group Our Blessed Mother is able to beautifully present it to her Son.  Through these gifts of prayers Our Lady is able to ask for new Children's Rosary prayer groups.  Each one hand picked by her.  The effect of more and more groups meeting is an exponential growth in groups forming.  Just as prayer seemed to exponentially disappear amongst our young people over the last 50 years we are pushing back and creating an exponential growth of prayer in the other direction.  The more time we spend in prayer the more hope wells.  Prayer is transformative both within our hearts and families and then beautifully on a larger scale.  Children represent our future and when we couple them and prayer we have much to be hopeful for looking forward.

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