Saturday, September 1, 2012

Honoring Our Lady's Sorrows

This morning the children and I went to Church for daily Mass.  We were there early and had time to sit outside by a lovely grotto made in honor of Our Lady,  The children and I were able to say a rosary and then we went into Church for our 15 minute meditation on a mystery of the rosary, in keeping with the First Saturday Devotion to Our Lady.  As the kids were horsing around and I was trying to get them quiet the first mystery that came to mind was The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.  I thought of this mystery, as the fruit is obedience and I so wished that my children were obedient in Church.  I began to imagine Our Lady and Joseph bringing Jesus to the Temple and offering Him to the Father.  Likewise, I too in my heart offered the Lord my children and asked for help with them.  The next thought to enter my mind was the prophecy of Simeon to Mary.

Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, 'Look, he is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed--and a sword will pierce your soul too--so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.'(Luke 2:35)

I then remembered that today was September 1st and the month is dedicated to Our Lady of  Sorrows.  How wonderful that the Lord had brought my prayers back to this.  It is true that through obedience to the Will of God we will Glorify the Lord but in doing so we will also suffer.  Our Lady who completely unified her Will with the Lord had her heart pierced.  Her sufferings were so great that a special devotion exists honoring her 7 sorrows.  The first of her 7 sorrows is the prophecy of Simeon.

I have been prayerfully considering adding this devotion to my daily prayers and as the Lord brought me back to it today I have decided to start today.  I hope others may feel inspired to begin honoring Our Lady’s sorrows daily, too.

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