Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great Movie About St. Vincent de Paul

Today is the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul.  Several weeks ago the children and I rented the movie Monsier Vincent.  We have been limiting television time for the children and I have all but given up regular TV but my husband still loves to watch a good movie.  In looking through various movies about saints I happened upon this one.  The movie had received an Oscar in 1948 for best foreign film and is on the Vatican Best Films List.

When the movie arrived we popped it in and the kids gathered round.  It was then that I realized the movie was in French with English subtitles.  It is also in black and white.  Even though Alina age 12 and Kostin age 8 can read they aren't able to keep up with the speed of subtitles. So I filled in as the narrator.  The movie is a riveting story of St. Vincent De Paul.  This man of humble beginnings finds he has gained the favor of many influential people of his time.  However, upon self reflection he decides to leave a life of comfort to live amongst the poorest of the poor.  In a time of plague he risks his own safety for those rejected from society.

While we were only able to see the first half of the movie before bed what impressed me was how captivated the children were with this man.  It has been several weeks since we saw the first half and almost daily the children ask if we can watch the rest.  As the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul approached the thought came that maybe we should watch the last part on his Feast.  Today being the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul we are hoping to gather round this evening and give ourselves an inspirational gift by watching the life of this Holy Saint.

The children and I give this movie our highest recommendation. **** (Four Stars)

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