Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering a Loved One

St. Paul's School in Odell, Illinois USA  held a "living rosary" in memory of their beloved teacher and friend Mrs. Sullivan.  The rosary was led by the Children's Rosary  on a beautiful sunny day in April. After the Rosary, yellow roses were handed out by the family and balloons were released to the heavens in honor of Mrs Sullivan.  A "balloon lunch" followed at the school.  

For many of these children the loss of their teacher may be the first time a loved one has died in their lives. It is beautiful to see how the the children were able to find consolation in prayer and also reach out to the family of their beloved teacher. The children found becoming the beads of the Rosary-a living Rosary-  a way to show their love.  Today many of us remember loss of life.  It is beautiful to follow the example of the children and use prayer as a salve for the heart.

The children of St. Paul's School will hold their monthly Children's Rosary today at 9:45 AM ET.  Please consider joining the Children in prayer.  They always pray for those unifying prayers with them.

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