Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anything is Possible with God

Today I share with you something that has brought wonder to my heart to watch.  It is a little tomato plant that has found its home in the tiniest crack in the mortar of our brick front steps to our home.  Looking at this lush plant my heart began to see this plant as resembling a soul...a soul that has known suffering.

The source of this plant seems to come directly from
within the mortar of the brick steps.
Sometimes adversity and the harshest conditions strengthen a soul and yield something that can withstand the most trying of conditions...drought, poor light, little nutrients.

Despite all odds the soul sets roots that go deep and in all things it bends toward the light.  Others marvel at such a sight as most would think it impossible to bear fruits under such conditions.  Yet it is this humble soul that through divine providence finds sufficient nutrients to continue to grow and indeed develop thick branches strong enough to be pushed down without permanent affect.  Indeed some might begin to see the unlikely home of this soul as most perfectly suited for no one can reach its source and its roots are completely protected from destruction.  The poor light due to the large trees actually provides shade in the long summer days without rain.  The plants or souls found in the traditional gardens have little protection as the sun beats down and little rain falls.  The little seed that seemed ill-placed now appears to have produced one of the strongest plants in the yard.  Having survived so much adversity it continues to grow through all the trials that befall it.  The wisdom of the sower can now be seen.  It is through the souls persistence and trust that the Sower can now be more beautifully glorified.  

Indeed being close to nature and agriculture one sees the Gospels come alive.  Our Lord shows us the wonder that exists through His creations.  How can this be that such a seed bears fruits and those that are planted in a garden with ideal conditions produce less?  Those reading this who have been cultivated through suffering may find great consolation in this thought.  It would seem the trials were not meant to hurt the little soul but actually to have strengthened it.

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