Friday, September 11, 2015

Grandparents Day at the Shrine of Divine Mercy

National Shrine of Divine Mercy
photo credit: John Phelan
We are excited to share that the Children's Rosary has been invited to hold a Children's Rosary at the Shrine of Divine Mercy as part of their Grandparents Day celebration this Sunday September 13th.  The Catholic Grandparents Association which is helping to organize this all day celebration reached out to the Children's Rosary in hopes that we could attend and hold a Children's Rosary.   As we were only able to connect this week it seemed maybe that there would not be enough time to put things together.  Yet many things began to fall into place and we felt that indeed we could attend and have the children come together and pray for our grandparents.  A full schedule of the day is included at the Divine Mercy website.

The Children's Rosary will be held at 1PM ET at the outdoor shrine during Eucharistic Adoration.  All are invited to attend.  Please know we will be praying for all of you.  If you are able to unify prayers with the children this would be an added blessing for all of us.

Members of the Children's Rosary are encouraged to come and help lead the Rosary. Children please bring your grandparents, too!!

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